Hot Dog Corner Guard

The rounded finish, with a very pleasant aesthetic and the slightly invasive footprint (only 3 cm), makes the Hot Dog edge protectors a valid alternative to traditional L-shaped bumpers. The purpose of this product is the protection of people (especially children) from edges and from all protrusions that are dangerous.Our edge protectors are effective as: protection for sheet metal, protection for protrusions, protection for profiles, protection for edges, protection for shelves, protection for glass tables. Particularly suitable for indoor and outdoor use: homes, sports facilities, gyms, gardens, industry, early childhood, schools and accommodation facilities.
The softness gives the corner protectors an excellent shock absorption capacity. In addition, they are repellent to all substances, anti-mold and antibacterial.
Hot Dog corner protectors are available in the non-toxic or fireproof version

  • Dhs. 75.00